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Legal Operators is building a community that's helping members drive value for their respective organizations. It's a breath of fresh air for one of the fastest growing disciplines in the legal industry.
Akshay Verma
Ex-Head of Legal Ops at Coinbase and Meta

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Praise from Members

Here are a handful of testimonials from our satisfied members.

The community has offered me opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions, attend insightful webinars, and access a wealth of resources that have directly contributed to my growth as a CLO Operations Manager.

Jonathan Johnson-Swagel

Jonathan Johnson-Swagel

fmr. CLO Operations Manager, Uber

Legal Operators connects likeminded people who are driving their departments, firms, or startups to the intersection of law and technology. Collaborate with the best of the best in their emerging field.

Adam Nace

Adam Nace

Head of Legal Operations, OpenAI

I can ask just about any question, and within a couple of hours (if not minutes)-not days, I'll have multiple useful resources or useful feedback. I know that I can tap Legal Operators for any question, from small process suggestions or recommendations to full-blown integrations.

Dave Evans

Dave Evans

Head of Legal Operations, NextDoor

Being a part of Legal Operators community helped expand my network with other like-minded professionals from all over the world. We share our experiences, contacts and ideas no matter the industry, country or position.

Manica Perse

Manica Perse

Legal Operations Manager, Telus


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What do I get with membership?

Legal Operators Members get access to a private slack space, invitations to endless opportunities to engage with other members and industry thought leaders, opportunities to build your brand through speaking and writing engagements and a library of exclusive resources to scale yourself, your team, and your organization.

Why join?

Our Legal Operators community represents more than a collection of individuals – it forms an exclusive ecosystem of motivated professionals collaborate to catalyze career and organizational growth.

Within Legal Operators, veterans and peers who have been in your shoes share field-tested methodologies and insights. Peer perspectives are an invaluable resource for members navigating leadership or strategic decisions and initiatives. The value of those insights could make the difference creating scalable services for your legal team to operate at their highest level.

Beyond the insights, the connections you make in PSLC could represent future growth opportunities - whether finding your next role, getting promoted, or attracting top talent to join your team.

But all of this - the insights, methodology transfers, relationship building - is only achieved by members willing to engage openly and constructively with the community. You get out what you put in. The more active you are seeking advice, providing guidance, and fostering connections, the faster you progress.

Our members view this as an invaluable personal and professional development ecosystem - but it requires commitment and vulnerability around goals, challenges, and lessons learned along the way.

Who's eligible to join the Legal Operators?

Eligible roles include anyone in the Legal Operations profession from senior leaders to Managers, Specialists, Analysts, and more.

If you're title is less clear, but you believe Legal Operators is right for you, share your connection to legal operations in the application!

What do you look for in Legal Operators members?

We're looking for members with a growth-mindset and a willingness to engage. Professional communities are we what you make of them, and Legal Operators is no different. Those that want to share, learn and connect are the members that will find the most value in the community.

What does membership cost?

Membership costs $95/month billed annually. While we need to charge a membership fee to sustain the community, we don't want cost to be the difference between you joining or not. We have a needs based scholarship program that anyone is eligible for.

I’m looking to get the membership fee paid for by my organization. Any tips?

We've found that members have the most success when they present the memberships as both beneficial to their professional growth and to the organizations. What's the value to the organization of you making better decisions? Getting instant feedback on challenges? Getting access to industry-leading strategies?