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Legal Operators is the leading private community for legal operations professionals to connect with peers, brainstorm problems, and discover solutions. Our community enables you to access resources and vendor info in a private environment.

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“Our group is inclusive. We want to help legal operators understand the complete legal function, and break down the silos that sometimes exist around legal operations. We do that through community, collaboration, and providing unique and insightful content.”
Colin McCarthy
Founder, Legal Operators


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We are a private and vetted community. We take the time to personally reach out to each person and get to know our members. Community is of the utmost importance, and most valuable driver.

We believe that the legal operations eco-system is more than just in-house corporate legal operations professionals, but it includes technology vendors, law firms, and consultants. Anyone who is committed to advancing the legal operations profession, and open to sharing ideas and experiences is part of this community. You will find yourself connecting with industry peers, subject matter experts, and other like-minded professional from around the world.

“I recommend Legal Operators to my clients because it gets back to the grass roots nature of what Legal Operations is all about - networking and sharing solutions and best practices, and gives in-house Ops professionals to ask experts questions without high pressure sales pitches. It’s a great forum!”
Stephanie Corey
Stephanie Corey​
Original Founder of CLOC
Co-founder of Uplevelops​


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“We are all trying to crowdsource so we are not duplicating efforts. Legal Operators has been fantastic source of knowledge from talented, smart, and experienced people."

Sheena Ferrari
Blue Shield CA

"Being a part of Legal Operators community helped expand my network with other like-minded professionals from all over the world. We share our experiences, contacts and ideas no matter the industry, country or position."

Manica Perše
Legal Operations, Toronto

"I can ask just about any question, and within a couple of hours (if not minutes)--not days, I'll have multiple useful resources or useful feedback. I know that I can tap Legal Operators for any question, from small process suggestions or recommendations to full-blown integrations."

Dave Evans
Head of Legal Operations, NextDoor

"Legal Operators connects likeminded people who are driving their departments, firms, or startups to the intersection of law and technology. Collaborate with the best of the best in their emerging field."

Adam Nace
Head of Legal Operations, Slack


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