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Legal Operators connects growth-minded legal operations professionals to discuss their experiences, challenges, frameworks, and everything else in between.

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We host frequent, experiential events to connect you with fellow members for guidance, problem solving, and forging connections.

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Get access to field-tested solutions from the cutting edge of Legal Operations technology that will supercharge your operational capabilities.

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Advance your career through Legal Operator's network and job search tools.

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Explore our knowledge hub for insights including webinars, white papers, and expert resources.

Summit by the Sea'24

The "Summit By The Sea" scheduled for September 25-27, 2024 at Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa, San Diego, is an exclusive conference for legal operations professionals. It features keynotes, panel discussions, and roundtable sessions focused on AI, knowledge management, and legal technology.

You can expect to gain insights into industry trends, engage in meaningful networking, and participate in thought-provoking discussions. The event is designed for legal operation leaders seeking to build connections and enhance their industry knowledge.

Praise from Members

Here are a handful of testimonials from our satisfied members.

The community has offered me opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions, attend insightful webinars, and access a wealth of resources that have directly contributed to my growth as a CLO Operations Manager.

Jonathan Johnson-Swagel

Jonathan Johnson-Swagel

fmr. CLO Operations Manager, Uber

Legal Operators connects likeminded people who are driving their departments, firms, or startups to the intersection of law and technology. Collaborate with the best of the best in their emerging field.

Adam Nace

Adam Nace

Head of Legal Operations, OpenAI

I can ask just about any question, and within a couple of hours (if not minutes)-not days, I'll have multiple useful resources or useful feedback. I know that I can tap Legal Operators for any question, from small process suggestions or recommendations to full-blown integrations.

Dave Evans

Dave Evans

Head of Legal Operations, NextDoor

Being a part of Legal Operators community helped expand my network with other like-minded professionals from all over the world. We share our experiences, contacts and ideas no matter the industry, country or position.

Manica Perse

Manica Perse

Legal Operations Manager, Telus


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